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Sententia Consultancy

Middle East

The global team of experts at Sententia brings together several decades of experience and a unique insight into the Arab World to provide our clients with media monitoring, translation, and analysis services.

As the complexities deepen and the shifting sands underwrite profound changes in the region, Sententia provides the professional and reliable expertise that is critical to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

About Sententia Consultancy.

About us

Sententia Consultancy brings together a global team of experts on media monitoring and analysis services with an indigenous understanding and in-depth knowledge of the social, economic, and political developments of the Arab World.


Senetntia provides its clients, who include governments, private sector companies and investors, media outlets, and international organizations, with media monitoring and analysis services, bulk translation, business solutions, and consultancy.


The global team of experts at Sententia brings together several decades of experience and a unique insight into the Arab World. As the complexities deepen and the shifting sands underwrite profound changes in the region, Sententia provides the professional and reliable expertise that is critical to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.


The company is managed by a former local staff manager with a US government agency and around 24 years of experience and intimate knowledge of the Arab media scene.

Capability statement.

Management and Personnel.

In-house Staff


Sententia has a team of qualified and experienced in-house linguists and media analysts, with excellent regional knowledge, supported by administrative and technical staff.

Mr. Khadir Amour,

Founder and CEO


Khadir worked with the US Government agency, the Open Source Center (formerly Foreign Broadcast Information Service), for 24 years as Arabic media monitor / translator, senior media analyst, and supervisor, and local staff manager with the Jordan Bureau (as the highest ranking foreign staff member in the bureau).

Mr. Amour has substantial experience in Arabic-English translation, editing, proofreading; traditional and new media monitoring and analysis; open source collection and coverage; management and leadership; project management; contract negotiations, contract management, and execution; staff recruitment and development; mentoring and training; strategic planning and tactical execution.

Mr. Amour also has expert knowledge of the Middle East, its history and culture, and its media, political, and social scenes.

He holds a BSc (Hon) degree in civil engineering from Leeds University, England, 1985.

Virtual Teams


For large media monitoring, media analysis, and translation projects from/into Arabic, Sententia manages a global network of professional, experienced translators and media analysts working to or from Arabic who can handle translations with quick turnaround times. We can quickly and efficiently set up teams of translators to or from Arabic to complete your urgent projects to the highest standards. All our associate translators have internationally recognized degrees or qualifications, with many years of collective experience.

Services and Products
Services and Products.

Translation/Interpretation and Editing

Sententia provides translation services from and to Arabic, including large translation projects. Translation projects are managed efficiently with quick turnaround times through a large network of professional, experienced translators. All our associate translators have internationally recognized degrees and qualifications, with many years of collective experiences.

In addition, we offer editing and proof-reading services for our clients that entail expert revisions for your documents, keeping your style and target audience in mind.

News Analysis and Roundups

Sententia provides news analysis relevant to your business line as well as overall analysis of country and subject specific news. Our expert knowledge of the region and its media positions us to provide our customers with an in-depth reading of the news and its impact in a timely manner, based on a comprehensive knowledge and assessment of the media, journalist, and influencers. Our end products can be tailored to the customers' needs and in any format of their choice.


Recruitment and Payroll Services

Sententia identifies, tests, recruits, and provides payroll services to freelance linguists and editors working on projects managed by major US companies that provide translation and summaries of significant political, economic, and military developments reported by local media to governments and business clients.

Media and News Monitoring

Print media

Sententia press media monitoring covers all major national and regional publications of the entire Arab World. Sententia's team of experts can collect, evaluate, and process information to produce targeted and timely open source media insight products in the form of daily summaries and special news digests, or any client-tailored form.

​Television and Radio Monitoring

Sententia has a team of expert monitors and editors covering a wide-range of television and radio news and programs, including special content programs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in source discovery and assessment and the identification of quantitative and qualitative trends, patterns, and relationships in data.  Our monitoring and trends reports can be produced in accordance with the customers' designated style and quality standards.

​Internet and Social Media

Sententia monitors Arabic and English online publications, blogs, and user-generated websites, including social media platforms. Our team's experience in online social media technologies allows it to incorporate social media solutions to provide an understanding of online environments and to effectively convey trends to meet our clients' needs and requirements.


Language Exploitation

Sententia's broad network of professionals provides media and language exploitation services from a variety of spoken and written sources on operational and international levels for government and commercial work. This service helps decision-makers by transforming raw data into useful consolidated information.

Internet Site Localization

The growth and development of international trade and commerce now means people are seeking products, affiliations and clients from the four corners of the earth.

Sententia offers website localization by modifying your existing site to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to reach new audience, build credibility and increase customer base.


Sententia provides  general consultancy and business solutions specific to your requirements and need, particularly in the fields of media monitoring and analysis.

Market Research

Sententia provides  country specific and sector specific market research that is tailor-made to help your business make well informed decisions and turn risks into opportunities.

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Sententia Consultancy  LLC.

      office 312, Sami Al-Khawaja Plaza,

      28 Mas'ud Bin-Nasir Street,

      Al-Sahl, 7th Circlem,

      Amman - Jordan.

  • P.O.Box 140399,

​       Amman 11814,


  • Tel       : + 962 6 5851556

  • Fax      : + 962 6 5852776

  • Mobile : + 962 777855586

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